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Professional Event Video Production Company Seattle

A professional event video production company in Seattle will make everything hassle-free for your event. Every event is a collection of moments. Those precious memories have a value that can go beyond more than you can imagine.

Video Production Company Seattle can turn any event into something bigger. We can make your events into something – extraordinary that can be remembered.

Let us help you craft lively videos with the creativity and technical skills that your organization and business need. Scaling your video marketing strategy with the right Seattle video production company is crucial. But with us by your side, your video project will never go wrong.

Event Video Production Company Seattle

About Our Event Video Production Services

Video Production Company Seattle prides itself on being one of Seattle’s leading event video production companies. Unlike other companies that produce scripted and storyboarded events, we capture it raw.

Raw events give a “wow” and surprise factor that makes your viewers more engaged. Giving dynamic angles provides authenticity and potentially films more than the event itself. That’s why it’s essential to have a trusted creative agency by your side. Working with us is fun and easy.

Seattle, WA, And Our Team

Seattle’s thriving arts and music scene is a testament to its creative energy. The city has numerous theaters, art galleries, and performance venues, offering various cultural experiences for locals and visitors alike. From the renowned Seattle Symphony Orchestra to cutting-edge contemporary art exhibitions, something exciting is always happening in the city.

Our Video Production Company Seattle team is high-ticket professionals already serving countless clients in various industries. With over a decade of experience, we have built a solid reputation for delivering exceptional videos that capture the essence and atmosphere of every event.

We believe in the power of video to convey emotions and tell stories, and we bring that belief to every project we undertake. We are your trusted creative partner for your next video project.

Seattle Event Video Production Services We Offer

As one of the best video production companies, our team wants your event video content to succeed. That’s why we offer various packages that you can avail from us. We understand that organizing an event needs so much effort.

Live events (Live streaming)

video production companies in seattleThe pandemic made us change not only our perspective on events but also how we view technology. Many businesses already realize that broadcasting events today to a wider audience isn’t foreign. And that live streaming helps any event reach a larger audience than a traditional one before.

All our live-streaming services are in HD. We can publish your live events through the following:

  • Websites

  • Facebook/Social media platforms

  • Youtube

Our live streaming services have become so in-demand to our clients. If you want other services after your event, we can also capture them.

Highlights and Recaps

Want to relive the highlights of your event or share them with others? We specialize in creating engaging highlight reels and recaps that encapsulate memorable moments. These videos are perfect for:

  • best video production companies in seattleSocial media sharing

  • Promotional videos

  • Commercial video production

  • Marketing videos and campaign purposes

  • As a keepsake of your event that you can cherish for years

We create videos highlighting the key value of your events so you can relive them anytime and anywhere. Turn your artistic vision and reach your desired target audience with VPCS.

Our Event Video Production Process


During the pre-production phase, we ask for your collaboration. In this stage, we will identify key moments to focus on and develop a creative concept for your video. From concept development to storyboarding, we will be hands-on to ensure everything is perfectly crafted. Our team meticulously plans every detail to ensure a smooth and successful production.

On-site Production

The day of the event marks the start of our production process, which is carried out with numerous backups and safeguards to ensure that it always proceeds without a hitch. Any man-on-the-street style interviews or interactions with guests will go smoothly and comfortably.

This is because our event videographers, especially those in Florida, are skilled at making people feel at ease. For live stream footage, we will always have someone checking on the stream to ensure everything is going as planned and to let our videographers know if we think there is more they can film.

Even though almost all live streams go off without a hitch, we have backup plans in case the internet or other equipment malfunctions.


seattle video production companyAfter the event, we immediately begin post-production. Our entire procedure is set up to be as open as possible. We created a private portal to update you on our progress and receive your questions.

Most projects are finished in 3 to 4 weeks, depending on their length. We can discuss a way to provide micro-moments and other brief video clips with you if you’d like to show off clips from the event before then.

Other companies provide a fast turnaround, thorough services, and transparency, which you can find in Video Production Company Seattle. Since we are a full-service production company, we can make your event into branded content.

Our previously satisfied clients always recommend us to their colleagues. They also always return to us for their next event production. Corporate video production events, conventions, weddings, and other busy events involve extensive planning and artistic vision. VPCS can handle the video production side for you.

Who Can Benefit From Even Video Production

Video footage is used for different events. We have experience with these areas, so you can trust that your events are all in good hands.

  • Conferences

  • Convention Coverage

  • promotional videos in seattleTrainers

  • Exhibitions

  • Panel Discussions

  • Meetings

  • Stage Events

  • Corporate Entertainment

  • Interviews – Man-On-The-Street and Off-Site

  • Event Activities

  • Team Building

  • Promotional Coverage

  • Speakers

  • Trade Shows

  • Business Parties

Pricing and Packages

Our pricing and packages are based on what our clients need. However, we ensure your video production project’s pricing and packages are reasonable. We are also aware that every project is unique and has requirements that need to be met.

That’s why our team offers tailored solutions while making sure the deliverables are high quality. For more details about our pricing and packages, it is better to contact us. We will give you a free quote and answer all your additional queries.

Why Choose Us

tv commercials in seattleWe at Video Production Company Seattle never let our customers be disappointed. That’s why we created a streamlined process to have a smooth production. We are your trusted creative partner, regardless of your video production needs.

Our team maintains open communication for you to stay updated in every stage of the video project. Our affordable pricing and packages make us the go-to video production partner for businesses in Seattle in all sizes. You can have an enjoyable experience without constraining your budget. While we make ensure your video project is a success.

Get started today!

Were you having trouble looking for the best video production companies in Seattle? You came to the right place. We understand how challenging it can be to organize a successful event – but with our help, we’ll remove all the worries about capturing it on camera.

We can show you sample event videos we have captured for the past 20 years. With our industry knowledge and skills, we are confident that we can deliver the highest result.

You need need to worry about your event production anymore. Our team will handle it professionally and without fail. Contact us to learn more about how our event video production company Seattle, can help you.