Video Production Internships In Seattle, WA – 2023 Guide

Looking For Video Production Internships In Seattle?

Are you searching for a good video production internships in Seattle? Are you an aspiring filmmaker or someone passionate about video production? Suppose you want to gain hands-on experience, expand your skills, and build a strong foundation in the industry. In that case, video production internships are an excellent opportunity.

The competitive market for video production interns is continuously growing. And applying for one is like applying for a permanent position.

This article will dive deep into video production internships, shedding light on their significance, benefits, and how to make the most of your internship experience.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • The Growing Demand for Video Production Internships

  • Exploring the Video Production Industry in Seattle

  • Benefits of Video Production Internships

  • How to Find Video Production Internships in Seattle

  • Tips for a Successful Video Production Internship

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Conclusion

Video Production Internships In SeattleInternships serve as a stepping stone to kickstart a successful career. And the field of video production is no exception. In today’s digital age, videos are a powerful medium for storytelling, marketing, and entertainment.

As a result, the demand for skilled video production professionals continues to grow. Seattle’s thriving film and media industry provides a fertile ground for aspiring filmmakers and video enthusiasts to learn, grow, and make their mark.

Video production intern jobs will thrive more because technology keeps on evolving. Businesses are seeking creative teams to help them with their video marketing production.

The Growing Demand for Video Production Internships in Seattle WA

The world is becoming increasingly visual. Videos dominate social media platforms, websites, and online content. Businesses, organizations, and individuals are harnessing the power of videos to engage their target audience effectively. Through video marketing, organizations and businesses of all sizes are flourishing.

A professional production team can produce compelling brand stories. This surge in video content creation has led to a high demand for skilled video production professionals.

Consequently, video production internships have become vital for individuals to gain practical experience, refine their skills, and understand the industry’s intricacies.

Exploring the Video Production Industry in Seattle

Seattle boasts a vibrant video production industry, with numerous production houses, studios, and creative agencies calling it home. The city’s picturesque landscapes, diverse culture, and thriving tech scene make it an ideal location for various film and media projects. Seattle offers aspiring video production professionals many opportunities, from independent films to commercial advertisements.

Benefits of Video Production Internships

A video production internship can be a transformative experience for individuals looking to break into the industry. Here are some key benefits of pursuing a video production internship:

Hands-on Experience

business intelligence analytsInternships provide a hands-on learning experience for someone. They allow interns to work on real projects and collaborate with industry professionals. By actively participating in video production processes, interns develop:

  • Practical skills

  • Gain industry insights, and

  • Build a portfolio of work that showcases their abilities.

Networking Opportunities

During a video production internship, interns can network with professionals in the field. Building relationships with industry experts, fellow interns, and mentors can open doors to future job opportunities. Valuable connections within the video production industry are vital. Not only this field, but networking is also effective in business and others.

Skill Development

Internships offer a platform for interns to develop and refine their technical and creative skills. Whether it’s camera operation, video editing, sound design, or storytelling, interns can enhance their capabilities through hands-on training and guidance from experienced professionals.

Organization and project management skills can be further developed during and after the internship term.

Industry Knowledge

intern inspired creative teamsWorking in a professional video production environment exposes interns to various aspects of the industry. They gain:

  • Firsthand knowledge of the production process

  • Project management

  • Client communication, and

  • Industry trends

These skills are valuable when transitioning into a full-time role or pursuing further education in the field.

Resume Enhancement

A video production internship adds significant value to a resume or portfolio. It demonstrates a candidate’s dedication, passion, and commitment to honing their craft. Employers often look for practical experience when hiring. Well-executed internships can set candidates apart from the competition.

Intern’s professional portfolio is a great highlight for a job search in the future. A video production intern Seattle gain an overall production workflow that will be an edge. Video Production Company Seattle has a strategic resourcing partner for internships.

How to Find Video Production Internships

Finding the right video production internship requires research, networking, and persistence. Video production intern jobs are great for exposure and flexing your natural and hard-earned skills. Here are some effective strategies to discover internships in the industry:

Online Job Boards and Websites

prominent and emerging brands internships in SeattleUtilize popular job boards and websites dedicated to internships and employment opportunities in the field. Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn often feature internships from Seattle-based production companies and creative agencies. Follow these websites so you can check a job alert from them occasionally.

Networking Events and Workshops

Attend networking events, industry conferences, and workshops related to video production. These gatherings provide opportunities to meet professionals in the field, learn about potential internships, and make meaningful connections.

Contact Local Production Companies

Reach out to local production companies directly to inquire about internship opportunities. If applicable, send a well-crafted email expressing your interest, attaching your resume, cover letter, and portfolio. Personalized outreach can make a significant impact and showcase your dedication.

Academic Institutions and Career Services

If you’re currently enrolled in a film or media program, consult your academic institution’s career services department. They often partner with local production companies and can guide you in finding suitable internships.

Tips for a Successful Video Production Internship

Consider the following tips to make the most of your video production internship. Do these by heart, and you will thrive in this field.

Be Proactive and Enthusiastic

production assistant role as internApproach your internship with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Take the initiative to ask questions, seek feedback, and contribute to projects. Demonstrating your proactive nature will leave a positive impression on your supervisors and colleagues.

Embrace Learning Opportunities

Every day is a chance to learn something new during your internship. Embrace opportunities to acquire new skills, observe industry professionals, and participate in different aspects of video production.

Be open to feedback and use it to enhance your capabilities. Organizing administrative documents related to tasks assigned to you is a learning opportunity.

Build Relationships

Forge connections with professionals and fellow interns throughout your internship. Networking can lead to future collaborations, job referrals, and mentorship opportunities. Attend team events and industry gatherings. Engage in meaningful conversations to establish rapport.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

The video production industry can be demanding and fast-paced. Maintaining a positive attitude, being adaptable, and approaching challenges with a problem-solving mindset are important. Your ability to remain calm and composed in stressful situations will be highly regarded.


Video production internships inspire you to become creative and excellent in your skills. Internships also give you room to learn more about your soft skills. These internships offer hands-on experience and networking opportunities. Skill development, industry knowledge, and a chance to enhance your resume are also part of the takeaways.

Leveraging the resources available, you can embark on a successful journey in video production. So, take the first step. Explore the diverse internships available and pave your way toward a fulfilling career. A video production internship in Seattle, WA, helps you showcase and enhance your skills.


What does a video production intern do?

Maintain and operate cameras, recorders, and other production equipment at proper calibration levels. Collaborate closely with the creative team to get ideas through to execution. Keep accurate records, logs, and transcriptions of production activities.

What is a production internship?

A production internship is a program for a college student seeking experience as a support person on a film or television set.

What does a production department intern do?

Assist with all aspects of the production, including sound, lighting, camera, editing, and postproduction, as needed. Perform other jobs as assigned by staff. This ensures that all necessary tasks are completed proficiently and according to the organization’s expected quality.

What is the job description of an intern?

During the internship, he/she accepts specific, business-focused assignments to research, propose ideas and solutions, and deliver a final project. Service and/or sales are provided to customers or clients.